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Physic supports Extinction Rebellion and we are looking at ways to reduce our Carbon footprint.

      All our electricity is 'green' and we have installed a heat pump and removed the gas boiler. 

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Osteopath at Work

Physic is a warm and professional clinic which from its inception in 1984 has put the focus on the resolution of the patients problem. We only treat where it is relevant and refer if necessary to both medical and other complementary specialists to ensure the best possible, efficient and economic resolution.


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Osteopathy looks at the mechanical side of the body functions. It is a complete diagnostic and treatment system to detect, treat and prevent health problems by moving, stretching and massaging the bodies soft tissue, resetting spinal joint reflexes by manipulation and normalising other joints and improving blood and other fluid flow.


 Roger Giddings

Founder of Physic with over 35 years experience as a Registered Osteopath. I try to match the most appropriate and efficient treatment techniques to the patients problem(s). Treatments evolve and thus techniques may change to reflect this. I refer to other clinicians if they are relevant to the treatment of the condition, type of problem or age of patient. Although, as a practitioner I consider myself as an 'all rounder', I have treated a lot of long term 'chronic' back problems over the years. Please remember I am nearly 70 now and am restricting the number of patients I see each week.

Mike Salt

Mike has been a Sports/Body works massage therapist since 1996 complimenting his work as a personal trainer/fitness instructor at the time. In 2000 he started work for Loughborough University and St Mary's College Twickenham at their high performance centres gaining valuable experience in treating international standard athletes as well as up and coming GB Juniors. He has been a competitive distance runner since 1983 and also work closely with runners from C&C and Hunts AC


Since 2007 he has also been working alongside the Osteopathic treatments at Physic. Ranging from general maintenance massage on the young mum with lower back issues to the desk bound office worker driving several hours a day, right through to the retired person looking to maintain functional mobility!

Sports Massage


The prime purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body's soft tissues during physical activity, and equally with lack of activity through postural, adaptive and occupational situations.

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